And on that note..goodnight

Lawl just heard on the radio that texas has a law that forbids people to have more then 2 dildos on their houses


Josh’s 242 is awesome

This 242 is the love of my life..wish mine looked like that :(

you know you are popular when someone who liked 1 post 3 days ago is your biggest fan according to tumblr, and its like 1 post in 6 months 

The moment when someome call you “thirsty” tho..tell me something I dont know :)

thirsty ass lil bitch

Hey congratz on beeing my first hater anon




Remember that one yellow Sileighty on white Watanabes?

This happened.

Fuuuuuuuck, man


Fun least liked pics on instagram are my selfies

Finally about to watch supernatural

Finally about to watch supernatural

The moment when some starts following you on instagram and asks a couple of hours later if I remeber bitch wtf we use to talk like 1 or 2 years back on kik and instagram but you suddenly unfollow me and shit and havent heard anything from her under that time l..gtfo

Ni är tråkiga

My friend got a badass car..he Said i could buy it from him but i cant afford it :, ( got a 350 wich is stroked to like a 383 or something..wrom wrom